Notice of Confidentiality

All communication must go through the Business Broker, Bruno Barnagaud, at the following contact information: Cell: 305-606-7001

Information has been provided by the Seller. The Broker has made no investigation into or verification or the information located herein.

The purpose of this Confidential Executive Summary is to acquaint a prospective buyer with preliminary information regarding a client of Expert International Real Estate or one of Expert International Real Estate cooperative brokers. Expert International Real Estate, its employees, agents, brokers, financial re-casters, and affiliate brokers have made no investigation or verification of the information contained herein and any representation to the contrary is not authorized.

The “Company,” has elected not to audit financial statements, appraisals of tangible assets, or real property. In addition, management has elected to omit substantially all of the informative disclosures ordinarily included in financial statements prepared on an income tax basis of accounting, market value presentation, and valuation reports. If the omitted disclosures were included, they might influence the user’s conclusions about the company’s financial condition. Accordingly, the documents contained in this Confidential Executive Summary are not designed for those who are not informed about such matters.

The financial records, equipment list, and operating reports received from management and included in this package are assumed to be accurate. While reasonable tests are applied and unusual results queried, the prospective purchaser should verify accuracy of these numbers. Unless stated otherwise, the financial summaries prepared by Expert International Real Estate reflect only regrouping of those prepared by management. By accepting this Confidential Executive Summary, the recipient acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review and make its own evaluation and judgment prior to any acquisitions or mergers with the Company.

Unless stated otherwise, the underlying assets have not been appraised. The cost data in the financial statements, before depreciation, may be used as an approximate replacement cost but should be reviewed in due diligence. If a value is included on the asset list, that value is the presumed fair market value of an equivalent asset. Additionally, the list was prepared at a point in time. The ordinary course of business will cause items to be added and disposed of, so any enclosed list of assets should be viewed as an approximation of the total assets of thebusiness.

Inventory is assumed to be at cost. Management’s estimate of value is accepted unless reasons exist to use another value, which will be noted.

Real estate values, building leases, rental agreements, equipment leases, and other commitments of the company are management’s estimate and are assumed to be at market rates unless otherwise noted.

This document is the property of Expert International Real Estate and represents general information about a business that Expert International Real Estate represents for sale on an exclusive basis. This document is not to be copied or distributed, as it may contain highly confidential financial and operational information; and reports that are considered trade secrets by the seller. If you need additional copies, we will provide them upon qualification of the recipient. Prior to receipt of this Confidential Executive Summary, you should have signed a Buyer’s Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement. If you have not, please sign one before proceeding.

If you receive this as a professional to review and advise a client on the merits of this opportunity, your professional ethics should prevent the disclosure of this information to any third party.

If you receive this as a financing source, please keep the information herein as confidential as possible in making a lending decision. The bearer of this presentation is responsible for its confidentiality.

Both Buyer and Seller insist that all contacts be cleared through the Broker. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to pursue this opportunity. If this opportunity involves two brokers, please work only through the selling broker, Expert International Real Estate

All contacts, whether by fax, telephone, or in writing, should be cleared through Expert International Real Estate until such time as written permission is granted by Expert International Real Estate.